What's the deal with Modular Phones?

Modular phones are finally a reality! Why is this significant? And why is it not being hyped more than it is?

Which Recruiting Superhero are you?

With a slew of superhero movies lining up for release, rekroot would love to propose a toast to the recruiting heroes. Find out which superhero you are.........

All you need to know about Freedom 251.

Freedom 251. To trust or not? Suddenly that’s the hot question now.


The mindset of many a candidate when they attend an interview for companies like Google, Apple and Facebook is “Will my GPA play a role? “. Don’t worry. These companies don’t look into your GPA. There are certain qualities that these companies look for in a candidate.

What HR should be talking about in 2016

If you are thinking millennials and employee engagement, Steve Boese has a different opinion. Steve Boese has been focused on the implementation of technology solutions to solve business problems for over 15 years, working with organizations ranging from telecommunications to consulting to higher education. He is currently the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, the world's largest gathering of the global HR Technology community, and a writer/editor for Human Resource Executive magazine. We came across a blog by him that we thought might interest you.

57% of companies are predicted to integrate technology to their recruitment methods.

The world has changed. Businesses are demanding. New technologies are emerging. HR has moved beyond its operational role and is fast transforming into a core, focused, and disciplined strategic business function. Technology is the essential enabler of this transformation. Today’s HR technology is moving rapidly to web-based systems to deliver data and services such as ATS, video interviews, employee self-service, online recruiting, computerized performance monitoring, online applicant testing and online benefits management.

10 TIPS FOR A GOOD VIDEO RESUME – 6th is a common mistake!

A video resume aka visume helps create a visual impact on the recruiters. If you know Dubsmash, then this is not very different. Only, you would be recording your own script rather than lip-syncing to someone else’s. It is a platform for the job seekers to convince the recruiters to consider them. It reduces the cost and time for both the stakeholders involved in the initial screening process.

About rekroot™

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