Millions of students graduate every year and are prepared to step into the career phase of life. We often hear our parents and relatives saying that holding a degree from a reputed institute is your entry ticket to enter top Companies.High School students these days are enrolling to IIT training institute in their 8th grades. Quality education will land you a good career option is always a myth.

Consider the case of Steve Jobs. Apple has always been a dream destination to work for all young graduates,but people are not realizing that Steve Jobs and many other successful entrepreneurs are drop-outs from world’s top universities. There are a plenty of options where you get paid well without having a degree from a reputed institute.Here are top 5 professions among them.

The Rise of the Freelancers

India is still not a mature market for freelancers and is evolving. But like it or not, the freelancers are here to stay, and their numbers will only increase in the days to come.

What we can learn from the champions

What a way to end a cricket ceremony!! rekroot congratulates the West Indies team on their deserving win. While their celebrations made me dance in circles with the neighbour’s dad, their presentation speech was moving . And what an eye opener it turned out to be. Here are a few lessons that the Caribbeans taught us.

Get a Job. Impress her Dad

Happy Valentine’s Week to all .This week we bring you a few lovely tips that would help you ask the dad for your valentine’s hand . Read on to find out how

Date Your Office

Welcome to the Valentine week. The week where it’s all about dine and dime. Looking forward to having a lively week? Here are a few tips that would help you out.


Are you still asking your employees for doctor's certificate as proof of sick leave? Are you penalizing them for long breaks? It's probably time you quit doing it. Liz Ryan, CEO & Founder of Human Workplace, shares her views with Forbes on HR policies to be abolished.

Ways to impress your boss this New Year!

With Christmas gifts in full swing the past week, New year is round the corner. Are you one of those lucky ones who have a great manager? If so, don’t hesitate to express your appreciation this New Years! Here are a few memorable gifts Rekroot came across!

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