10 Creative Recruitment Poster Ads


Do you remember smiling at the Volkswagen ads? Now imagine if an opening can bring a smile to every concerned job seeker. Imagine if you can make an everlasting impression about an opening. Surprised? Don’t be. These are just one of the many examples that engaged a barrage of talent with their creative ads.


1. You thought it was a packet of chips, didn’t you? Being a radio station there is no better way to throw light on their business. Radio Waves. Frequencies. Medium: AIR (Of course I don’t mean All India Radio). Lays down a solid statement. Bingo!


2. Definitely not rash. Exceptionally bold. Seems like they were itching for a pair of… hands that would snatch every opportunity up the alley. For the likes of those who never touch their books till the night before the exams. A sure way to attract those who are ballsy enough to challenge the ordinary and think along extremely impossible and quirky lines.


3. Have to hand it to them. The marketing masters made a mark in our memories with their meticulous methods. Magic that messes the mind. Making sure that m is silent? Meat. I mean... neat \m/


4. Step into those gates and apply for the jobs. Apple and Windows. A better love story than twilight. *Chews an apple by the window seat*


5. Talking about Twilight…


6. Racist? Never. Don't race through the ad. Trace their number. Brace for their questions. Goodness Grace. Im loving it! I hope you have the craze too.


7. Finally. You can put to use, that QR scanner for something that is actually relevant. That too for a purpose that makes our skin tingle. Creative use of technology at its best.


8. A job application that also serves as a test. Filtering out even before they apply! Ku-Dos to them.


9. Reinventing pain as income. Just another one of those optimists who targeted the bright spot of the downside. Probability of landing the job - too damn high. Who wouldn't want to apply for a job where the chance of success is as high as the number of memes on Facebook?


10. You mean to tell me that this doesn’t catch your eye? Think you need a new pair of eyes. You think this is about organ donation? Think you need a new pair of eyes, again.


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