Surprised to see this option ? Politics is present everywhere in your college as well as in your workplace. The people who excel in their career are the ones who do politics in the workplace. But they wear a mask saying that they have excelled in their work. But the truth is they have excelled in politics. An average politician’s salary starts from INR 60,000 a month and it can go upto the level which you wouldn’t even think of. The basic qualification is Nil. If you feel that you got the skill, step outside and get to the real thing.

2.Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

With the increase in the number of enrollments in Gym every day people have started taking fitness too seriously. People want to lead a healthy lifestyle and are willing to spend some bucks on it. An average salary for an instructor in a gym starts from INR 20,000 and if you take personal training ,you can earn till 2 lakhs a month.And the best part about this job is you stay sexy even when you are 60.


This industry would never die despite of whatever recession happens in the economy. Food is a basic necessity for any human being rich or poor. If you cook delightful dishes and if you love doing it,there is no other profession better than this as Chefs are the soul for any restaurant. The starting pay is around INR 10,000 – 18,000 a month and will increase once you excel in the taste of your dishes. There are multiple options to go overseas or else you can run your own cafe/restaurant and have a peaceful life.

If you have got the ingredients right and the skills to delight the taste buds there is nothing stopping you.

4.Make up Artist/Stylist

Indian consumers have become fashion forward in the recent years. As Indians we have a crazy fan following towards movie stars and will start following them like demigods. But we realize the fact that there is a work of a makeup artist behind those killer looks. Everyone cannot become a Sharukh Khan or a Deepika Padukone, but can become a make up artist for them. An average salary for a make up artist/stylist starts from INR 30,000 a month and once you become skilled,it can go up till 50,000 a day.

5.Vehicle Sales Manager

Owning a car has always been a status symbol for the Indian people. Currently 20 out 1000 people in India, own a car. There is no degree required to become a car sales manager. An averages car sales guy starts from INR 25,000 and goes up till 2 lakhs a month. You can start this career once you graduate from High School.

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