All you need to know about Freedom 251.

Freedom 251. To trust or not? Suddenly that’s the hot question now. rekroot brings you a few insights about a product that costs less than your monthly data pack.

1. Surprised that Arnab has not had a show about it yet? Don’t worry. Times of India already has a column about it. Peek here to know more.


2. Trying to scan for a scam? Trying to figure out whether it’s a genuine deal or not? Here is why many feel it might be one of the best scams.

3. Does it cost just Rs.251 or does it cost more? Are there any hidden charges? Find out more about how the company collected Rs.87,30,000 using this strategy.

4. Another enterprise faced the issue of website crash leading to questions about the genuineness of their promise. Hello Flipkart. And another enterprise’s promise was seen as one with hidden intentions. Facebook . What is it with the letter F? Read what experts feel about it.

5. Tata Nano? Sounds familiar? Here is how it is possible to sell a phone at a price that would cost you less than an SD card.


6. The phone features Apple’s icons, Apple’s home screen and even it’s UI. Wanna know more about the phone? These are a few points that you should look into.

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