Bidding against Google and Yahoo for talent - As an Underdog


You may not have a world-class brand name like Google. You may not have a bottomless wallet like the Big 4. But that needn't stop you from being the David in the David vs Goliath syndrome when it comes to hiring top talent.


What makes a MNC job sound so fancy? Predictable work-day. Stable work-life. Heavy pockets at the end of the month. And attractive perks. You can't compete for employees who are motivated by these factors. But as a startup, you can pull those who are looking for a unique culture and creative perks. There is no borderline on being innovative, and this is what will help you skim the creamy talent layer to yourself.


Being in a startup, employees have to do it all, with limited time and scarce resources. They have an opportunity to dive in and directly impact the bottom-line. Less bureaucracy and paperwork, more accountability for work and budgets is a built-in advantage. Every employee knows that there will be a trade-off, and hence it is important for you to balance it with your work culture. Otherwise, there is no stopping the lucrative offers from stealing your chances at the best talent.


John Ciancutti, Co-founder at Tiny Garage Labs, was the Chief Product Officer at Coursera until 2015. In less than two years, he managed to grow the engineering arsenal at the firm from 25 to over 80. His prior experience at Netflix and Facebook refined his recruiting formula at Coursera. He spills out some principles and phases from his hiring playbook on How Coursera Competes Against Google and Facebook for the Best Talent. This article provides deep insights on successful recruitment process for the non-biggies, which we hope would help you.

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