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Welcome to the Valentine week. The week where it’s all about dine and dime. Looking forward to having a lively week? Here are a few tips that would help you out.

1. “Love the job” slips: Try out  a system where everyone writes and sticks around as to what they love about their job and the challenges that they face while executing it, in those tiny coloured slips. These slips are time immemorial and can be of eternal help when it comes to giving the personnel a much needed boost when they lose that josh. The best employee is not the one who has a file full of credentials. The efficiently productive ones are the ones who love their job. The one who romances what he does. Give them a chance to show their love for their job.

2. Love Boards: White boards are not only for strategizing and critical brain storming sessions. Use those boards to get feedback about what everyone loves about the office workspace. Your heroes spend minimum of 8 hours in office every day. Add to that, the travelling and the sleeping hours, let’s say about 10. The effective family time that they spend with their close ones is less than that what they spend at office. You do the math. Studies show that comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit workspaces increase productivity as much as 16% and job satisfaction as much as 24%, while reducing absenteeism.

3. The minions: The stars who never win the employee of the month award. They are the first to arrive, the last to leave. They cleanse your office desk, make sure all the tools you need are within your reach, provide you with regular supply of beverages, water, snacks and every other amenity that keeps you going when exhaustion creeps in. Call them over for a group lunch, share a few laughs with them. Ask everyone to pool in, so as to gift them something special. It’s a day to make them feel special. Give those guards a deserved birthday bumps. After all, it’s not often they get recognised.  

4. May the Force be with you: Make every member of the workforce know what the management loves about them. There is no better refreshing start than one, where they hear a good word about themselves. Reflect on the change they bring about. Estimates show that 69% of employees felt they would work harder and co-operate better with the management if their efforts were recognised. Praise was rated the top motivator for performance by 78% of employees, beating out every other incentive.

5. We have to talk: Office without any politics is the most lucid dream that you can envision. Clashes between different teams, especially when the domains go hand in hand (the likes of Marketing and Sales) can disrupt profits and topple your stability. Plan a team outing. Box it up with a session where the two teams are made to stride, holding hands towards one common goal, like winning a game. This will rule out the empire structure;  where a few teams build a territory by promoting allies and sidelining enemies. Erase the boundaries slowly but permanently by making them talk out their differences.

6. What an IDEA sirji: Have a chilled out brainstorming session. Schedule a coffee sipping, lay back in your chair idea session, but make sure that everyone contributes. Encourage even the extremely impossible and the wildest of ideas. Some of the smartest ideas were from those who faced a problem as a comman man, not the executives. Have an intern waiting to become a part of your hotel, who is temporarily staying at your hotel? This guy might have the brightest idea about how to solve a problem that you didn’t even know existed. The origin of the Post-It Note is one of the best stories about how a million-dollar idea came from an unexpected source within a company, none other than a persistent Spencer F. Silver.

7. Let’s put a smile on that face: Have any job promotions planned for the month of February? Declare the news in the Valentine week. Unless he is that single who is celebrating his birthday on another day of this month! A promoted personnel is gonna go home with a smile on his face and a bouquet in his hand. This plays a big role in upping commitment and loyalty levels. Based on defined social patterns, researcher Ben Waber, set certain parameters to predict outcomes in a variety of situations. His experiments involved observing speed dating sessions with venture capitalists where with five minutes of data, he predicted with 85% accuracy as to who were going out on a date. He combined this with other data sources - Email, texts, phone logs and selected data features relating to job performance and satisfaction to test it across different cases. The same results kept repeating. They revealed that the key to transformation in the workplace is "social levers" - the top levers being job promotions .

8. Boss - man: Ask everyone to voice their opinion as to what they love about the management. Make the voice of your task force heard. This feedback also reflects whether you are heading in the right direction. Develop on your strengths, as voiced by many. The more number of positives, the merrier the journey is gonna be.


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