Get a Job. Impress her Dad

Happy Valentine’s Week to all .This week we bring you a few lovely tips that would help you ask the dad for your valentine’s hand

1. Spice up your profile : Do you know how recruiters filter through the bucket load of applications that they receive? They scan for the apt technical keywords. Load up your CV with precise skills rather than vague ones. Make it short and interesting, since they read through your details and look through your qualifications and achievements; all in a mere 6 seconds. Quantify your achievements rather than stating them. An achievement that reads “Increased revenue  by 38%”, has more chances of landing you a call for an interview than one which states ‘increased revenues’.   

2. My valentine: Go for a job that matches your passion. A geek who loves testing? Become a tester. Don’t go for other domains just because it has other benefits. This way your hobby becomes your job. Your life will never be mundane since you are doing what you love. According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, 80% of the workforce are dissatisfied with their jobs. Don’t be one among that 80%.

3. Friend-zoned?: I know that feel, bro! The pain when you wait forever to hear nothing more than “ Sorry. We like you. From the interview, we know that you are an excellent prospect. But we have to give it a serious thought when we consider you as someone more than that”. Agonising. Damn the friendzone! Arm yourself well for the interview. Know more about the company and your domain there. Go through their website, read through their blogs and success stories. Know more about their awards and achievements. Best of luck, bro!

4. Adam and Eve: It’s not at all surprising that nearly 80% of Millennials look for a cultural fit with employers. Check whether there is a match between the culture of the organization and your personality and ideals. For example, if you are a perfectionist who takes more time and gives attention to minute details but the company would rather save time and not give much attention to this, then it is gonna be difficult to cope up.

5. Commitment: Once you find the perfect job and the right match, take an oath to commit to them for a  long time. This is one catalyst which will shoot you up the career curve . Passionate and loyal personnel are more sought after than those who are ambiguous about it. In a study it was found that, about one in eight workers - roughly 180 million employees in the countries studied - are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to make positive contributions.

6. Nuptials: Accept the proposal. Get hitc..I mean....get hired. Begin the sweet journey. Get ready for the honeymoon period. Wait... I meant the initial few days of your office life. Buy a shirt for dad .Yours or hers? Now that depends on you.

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