The mindset of many a candidate when they attend an interview for companies like Google, Apple and Facebook is “Will my GPA play a role? “. Don’t worry. These companies don’t look into your GPA. There are certain qualities that these companies look for in a candidate.


Set Competitive standards: A resume which reads “Got my article published in New York Times“, no doubt speaks a lot about you. But a resume which reads “Had 50 editorials published compared to an average of 10” is bound to catch the eye. These companies expect you to compete against your peer standards, and out beat their standards by setting up higher standards.


Grit: You need to be a warrior. Someone who never lays back and works his way even through challenging tasks. One who is not thwarted by failures and setbacks. One who never takes no for an answer. These guys push at all cost until the job is done, sometimes a must do for the sales force. These fighters are the ones who take on the difficult tasks since they have the grit of taking up even the seemingly impossible tasks which takes us to the next quality.


Accountability: Candidates who take responsibilities of their actions, without any nudging are anyday preferred over others. Job ownership is one of the qualities that will help you land a job in any of these organisations. Here is a story excerpted from the biography of Steve Jobs that showcases this. There was an interview scheduled with Steve Jobs, but the candidate got nervous and blew it , wasting his time. The next day he met Steve Jobs, took responsibility for his actions and also went on to present his idea. The idea was a clever arrangement of icons of most used applications on the bottom of your screen and when you would hover around it, the icons would sort of expand and magnify. On displaying a remarkable ownership of the idea, he got hired on the spot and now as we know it, his idea is a standard in every Mac OS X release.


Should you be ashamed of your mistakes?: Don't be. Here is a surprising revelation for you. Companies like Google, Apple, etc instead want you to be proud about them. Confused? Here is an insight as to why. Many a time when a candidate is ashamed of his mistakes, he ends up not owning them and instead blames others. This is one of the reasons that recruiters go a step beyond intellectual humility and screen for candidates with this quality. This induces personnel to learn on their own without any supervision as such. There is always a place for those candidates who are a step ahead on the learning curve.


Out of the box thinkers: The preferred need is always a candidate who can think out of the box. Who works out innovative ways of doing things. Who can question the methods of problem solving and instead come up with fresh ideas. Creative candidates who dare to think along new quirky lines that even push the boundaries. For example each Google employee gets to devote 20% of their time to a side project, which is why so many of the Google Labs projects exist (like Gmail and Movie Search).


Lead the herd: Many tier 1 companies have recruitment systems which seek for candidates who think like professionals and executives. They don’t need followers but they need leaders. This is because their outlook is not hire candidates to instruct them what to do, but hire candidates to tell the management what to focus on. They believe that pioneers can be from anywhere and everywhere.  


Wait...what about cognitive and analytical skill? : Does your cognitive and analytical skill play a role? Yes. But it’s given less weightage compared to the other criteria. With enough time and training these will enhance, contributing more to the growth.   

Neither your GPA nor your past projects matter to these organisations. Confident now of landing a job with such companies? Log in to rekroot, our free recruitment software, for an interview with such similar companies. Good luck for your interview. :)

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