1.Job Validity:

            The time period when the job posting is active matters a lot to candidates while  they are hunting for a job. It would impact the recruiters as well, when they happen to receive a candidate’s profile whose skill set would be perfect for the role but the organization has already hired a candidate due to an urge to close a position. Keeping up the job posting valid till the position is filled, and removing the job posting would overcome this problem, but that is a tedious process for the sourcing team. Latest recruitment software  have this process automated as the job posting gets removed automatically once the position is closed.

2.Cost per hire.

I believe cost per hire is a misguided means to judge recruiting department performance.    

For one it reward wrong things and ignores quality of candidate and quality of hire.

For another, its too tactical and narrowly focused,

  • Lou Adler(Author of the best seller “The essential guide for hiring and get hired”)

            Given very less time to hire, and a very less budget to advertise the job, the organization needs to reach out to a wider network, and also needs to reduce the travel cost for bringing in candidates and time taken by the recruiters and hiring managers for taking interviews.

            Using video interviewing platform as a tool for hiring  reduces a considerable amount of time, advertising budget and travel cost incurred by the candidates for attending the interviews. Virtual Interview creates the first impression of the candidate to the recruiter before meeting them in person and helps in bringing the best candidates to office for personal interviews.

3.Converting Passive candidates.


Passive sourcing is a process and not a one-time event. Your goal with passive sourcing measures is to find out who the talent is, where these hand-picked individuals are online, what methods have the best chance that they’ll respond to you, and the accompanying measures help to retain them”

                                                                            -Barbara Braehmer (Founder at Intercessio) 

            About 75% of the candidates who apply for jobs are already associated with another organization but are still hunting for better job opportunities. When trying to hire the best talent for your organization converting these passive candidates needs a lot of effort. As a recruiter you need to convince them to take up this job position seriously or else you will end up hiring the best candidates from the applicants list, not the best talent needed for the job.

4. Acceptance rate.

            The organization’s offer to acceptance rate will tell you about your company as how good your employer brand is?  While candidates do not accept an offer due to other reasons like salary offered, location constraint, and lots more. Getting to know the candidate’s preference before releasing the offer would help in improving the acceptance rate of the offers released to the candidates.


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