What we can learn from the champions

What a way to end a cricket ceremony!! rekroot congratulates the West Indies team on their deserving win. While their celebrations made me dance in circles with the neighbour’s dad, their presentation speech was moving . And what an eye opener it turned out to be. Here are a few lessons that the Caribbeans taught us.

Charm with your skills, not a ring: Without raising any qualms about lack of resources, the silent predators are the ones who eat out results with what they have. Relying on external factors and provision of resources is not gonna determine your level of efficiency. Jugaad does. Aren’t we the masters of Jugaad, anyway?

Give up? Who, me? Never: There are souls who waited for years to step out of the friendzone. Some, still keep persistently trying . And then there are those who never lose hope of dating that perfect valentine. When they have not stopped trying, neither should you. Keep bouncing back with an undying spirit, until your win gets emphasised.

Don’t let the results thwart your emotions: Neither take success to your head nor failures to your heart. Take a chill pill. The struggle is definitely real, but it’s nothing compared to the fight for remote. Your efforts would definitely summon a magical change. So, breeze out and try crooning “DJ Harry!!DJ Potter!!”, Bravo style.

Sink your doubters: Unless it’s Arnab Goswami who is doubting you on India’s behalf, you should be working towards proving your doubters wrong. Every talent comes with an expensive tag of doubters, including business magnets and rulers of industrial empires. Apparently there are no discount offers on these tags. Sorry about that.

Resolve yourself to success, not like your New year resolution though: Take a resolved stand to commit yourselves to succeed, come what may. “I'm on national duty. Everything else can wait”. Do you know who said this? Comment below with your answers.

Work had until your precipitate money: Work hard until each drop of your sweat converts into money *Cue Indian TV Serial Music*. We would recommend Kaun Banega Crorepathi, but trust me it’s really tough to sit in that chair.

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