Which Recruiting Superhero are you?

With a slew of superhero movies lining up for release, rekroot would love to propose a toast to the recruiting heroes. Find out which superhero you are and power up this week:

1. Batman: The world’s greatest detective is prepared for every situation. Being this prepared ensures your organisation never runs short of manpower. Blessed with a genius level intellect, you are one who does thorough research before hiring someone. Thanks to your resolute will, you never rest until you find the right match for your enterprise.

2. Superman: Someone who is the most human of us all, this guy will try to avoid calling the ugly shots, even if they are a necessity. Your vision helps you scan through the candidates at once and take a leap of faith, when it comes to deciding their worth. Capable of carrying the weight of the enterprise on your strong shoulders, you are a symbol of hope for them.

3. Spiderman: With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. Endowed with the ability to make the right choice from a web of talent, you make marvellous additions to your enterprise. You stick to a few ideals when it comes to recruitment, but you are never afraid to take risks.

4. Captain America: A leader with an innate ability to shield your organization from bad hiring, you don’t hold back when it comes to taking up challenges beyond your reach. With a deep rooted desire for helping others, you often put others before yourself. This loyal warrior throws all in to protect others, making him instantly likeable.

5. Ironman: Genius, Philanthropist and what not. You are quite the rockstar who is always ultron....I mean Ultra-cool. Being ahead of the curve ensures you are never in a dilemma about the manpower need. You are quite a Hulk when it comes to figuring your way out of the tightest corners. An innovative team player, you are a headhunter who creates wonders working alone too.

Which recruiting superhero are you? Download rekroot or use rekroot for more tools that would help you address your pain points.

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