It was easier to get a job years ago than it is now, but all that tells us is that now we need to develop new tactics to get a good job! Here are 10 job-search mistakes to avoid !!

What we can learn from the champions

What a way to end a cricket ceremony!! rekroot congratulates the West Indies team on their deserving win. While their celebrations made me dance in circles with the neighbour’s dad, their presentation speech was moving . And what an eye opener it turned out to be. Here are a few lessons that the Caribbeans taught us.

Awesome office places that never make you miss home

As a job seeker, there are so many dreams that you would have.

Which Recruiting Superhero are you?

With a slew of superhero movies lining up for release, rekroot would love to propose a toast to the recruiting heroes. Find out which superhero you are.........

5 Things You Didn't Know Sex Could Do for Your Career

According to Ilya Pozin, having more sex has been linked to lower stress levels at work, and even higher pay. Ilya Pozin is a serial entrepreneur, writer and investor. He is the founder of Pluto TVCoplex, and Open Me (acquired by Rowl). Named one of Inc.’s ‘30 Under 30’ entrepreneurs, Ilya also has columns appearing on Forbes and LinkedIn.

How to take charge of your career in 2016

Take charge of your career. Get ahead in the race. Wondering how? Liz Ryan has some tips for you. She is the CEO and Founder of Human Workplace. She was a Fortune 500 Human Resources SVP for eons and has launched HR departments for several successful startups. We came across a blog by her that we thought might interest you.

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